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The Plot.

The kingdom is in ruins. Invaders from the west have decimated the island and the rulers in it. In the midst of the kingdom’s turmoil, two powerful Daimyos rise to power. Working together, they expel the invaders and free the country. But all is not well. During the war, the Daimyos never fully trusted each other, and now that the common enemy is gone, that fact is about to be made even more clear. Both desire to be ruler, but only one can be crowned. As one of these Daimyos, you will have to lead your army to sabotage your opponent’s castle. You will have to balance building your army, advancing your hidden ninjas, and halting the enemy advance. The Daimyo who can successfully advance all his ninjas to his opponent’s castle before losing his opponent can do the same, will be crowned ruler over Japan!


Key Concepts

What you can expect from the game.

Hidden Movement

Use a chart to track your ninjas as they seek to infiltrate your opponent’s castle.

Powerful Cards

Gain powerful cards through the draw action, giving you powerful abilities or combat bonuses.

Unknown Spaces

Take the spot action to flip hexes and discover those pesky hidden ninjas.

Area Control

Capture and hold key outposts to gain extra actions.

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The Designer

Meet the man behind the game.
Jacob Bowers

Jacob Bowers is a Christian who lives in Tennessee. He has been into hobby gaming since 14.

His favorite board game types consist of solo games and 4x space strategy.

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About The Art

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